Tummy problems and Wine

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tummyAnyone who suffers from tummy troubles, such as IBS or reflux, knows how bad it can be. Many people with poor stomachs can live life as healthy human beings, with the right diet and a little help from medication. But other than probiotic rich foods, there are many products that can aid happy digestion. And wine-lovers, it’s your lucky day – red wine is one of them.

A recent research conducted by scientists from the Autonomous University of Madrid has shown that the bacteria present in wine are able to stick to the walls of the human intestine, providing beneficial effects as the “exclusion of pathogens” or harmful bacteria.

The study showed that the probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from wine are similar to probiotic dairy products, plant foods, fish and meat. The consumption of probiotics is beneficial, especially to maintain a healthy community of intestinal bacteria and intestinal function, by lowering inflammation caused by unhealthy foods. They also have anti-cancer effects and can lower cholesterol.

But how should you do it? How much should you drink and when?

Of course, this study doesn’t mean that you should glug a bottle of Bellus at once. Alcohol still has the potential to cause severe tummy problems, if consumed in vast quantities. Stick to the recommended daily amounts and you could see a significant difference in your stomach health.

Try sipping your red wine slowly before a meal. This will get your stomach to produce digestive acid, ready for your main course. Instead of lining your tummy with food, line it with a little Touriga Nacional. Between mouthfuls, keep taking on a little wine. The alcohol will help break down the food in your tummy, making it easier for your stomach to digest.

任何人总被肚子的问题所困扰而苦恼,例如肠易激综合征或胃酸回流。人人也知道它的坏处。但是只要有正确健康的饮食习惯和药物治疗,很多拥有不太强壮的胃的人也能够过着健康的生活人生。但除了益生菌丰富的食物外,还有一些可以帮助消化的快乐食品。而葡萄酒爱好者,今天是你的幸运日 – 红酒就是其中之一。

最近由马德里自治大学的科学家进行的一项研究所显示,目前,葡萄酒中的细菌能够粘著人体的肠壁,起到了 “排斥病原体”或有害细菌的有效作用。