Bellus, Red



BELLUS, Red Wine 2013

Producer: Topwines

Classification: Vinho Regional

Region: Península de Setúbal

Soil: Sandy

Location: This wine, produced in Comporta region, has the typical characteristics of freshness and minerality of the wine region of the Setúbal Peninsula; but, being this location further south, we can also find the Alentejo region’s characteristics of fruit and jam in it, as well as its varieties – Aragonez and Trincadeira.

Colour: Grenade, crystalline and young appearance.

Aroma: Violet, cherry, plum, compote, acorn, clay, green tea.

Tasting Notes: Mouth attack is likeable and subtle; Sweetness is noticeable but discreet and elegant; Volume is medium, slight; Texture is soft, velvety; Structure is harmonious and balanced; Small presence of acidity but with some freshness; High complexity with vegetable tannins and evident minerality; Final is persistent. 

Aroma/Flavour Balance: Consistent and accurate.

Satisfaction: Delicious, easy and catchy.

Alcohol Content: 13,5%

Volatile Acidity: 0,57 g/l

Totla Acidity: 5,20 g/l

pH: 3,79

Residual Sugar: 2,6 g/l

Dry Extract: 29,7 g/l

Bottled: April 2014

Number of Bottles: 6000

Food Pairing suggestions: Wide range of food pairing, or even to enjoy alone. Wine specially designed for Asiatic food as well as western food.

Ideal Drinking Temperature: Served ideally at 16 oC.

Winemaking by TOPWINES TEAM: Combining our best Aragonez and Trincadeira, handmade in a natural concept, the wine was fermented in lagars (shallow, open vats) and partially staged in wood barrels for 3 months.