The difference of handcrafted wines

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All TopWines have one thing in common: they all come from small productions, ecologically balanced, with the biggest respect to the environment. “Green harvests” are made, cutting out approximately half the production so the quality can be increased. The harvest is made manually, followed by a rigorous cluster to cluster selection. Excluding all the bad grapes, the need to use chemicals to treat them is reduced. The result is a pure, delicious wine :)

我們TOPWINES挑選的葡萄酒是極品中的極品!而且,她們大多有下列的共通特點。 她們來自小型的生產以保持生態平衡,所以不偒害環境; 我們會摘除多餘的綠色葡萄串,使酒產量减少大約一半,以求提高品質; 收穫葡萄的過程由人工進行,這是一個要求以「串」為單位的精選過程; 我們會摘取壞掉了的葡萄,同時也减少依賴農藥種植葡萄。