Herdade da Comporta



Located in Comporta, with a landscape that inspires by its balance as background, the project Herdade da Comporta started six years ago and has already 30ha of vine.

Benefiting of unique conditions, as a result of a sandy soil and mild sunny, given its proximity to the ocean, the Herdade da Comporta vine started its first steps in the summer of 2004 with the launch of the first wine in the market – Herdade da Comporta White. In the Fall of 2005 was the Red’s turn.

The wines from Herdade da Comporta are a result of a modern and bold wine project that privileges the most modern technologies to project the traditionalism of the vinification process in stainless steel tanks with the help of a “robot”, with the goal of producing the best wine.

In 2007, the vine of Herdade da Comporta made its fifth grape production, which resulted in about 160 thousand litres of wine.