Associated Producers

Portugal has 3726 winemakers, 341 registered grape varieties, 238.647 vine hectares (IVV’07) and an undetermined number of wine brands – probably around 15.000.

Our mission is to select the best among the best!

That’s why our wines have, among them, several common features:

  • All of them come from small produc tions, ecologically balanced, with the biggest respect to the environment.
  • “Green harvestings” are made, cutting out approximately half the production so the quality can be increased.
  • The harvesting is made manually, followed by a rigorous cluster to cluster selection.
  • Excluding all the bad grapes, the need to use chemicals to treat them is reduced.
  • Each wine is made in a way to bring out its best natural features, searching for excellence, so each wine is unique, evidencing its terroir’s features.
  • All of them have reduced productions: between 20.000 to 50.000 bottles to productions of 3.000 bottles in the rarest wines!
  • They are produced by the best Oenologists with the most advanced technology and hygiene.
  • All of them are very awarded wines internationally, but most important yet, they are all consistently national best-sellers.