The Company

Portuguese Topwine is a company dedicated to the export and promotion of Portuguese wines, especially medium and high ranges, from small dimension producers (Boutique type wine) to the Asian market, in a regimen of exclusiveness.

In Portugal, Portuguese Topwine puts all efforts in reuniting the best there is between the Portuguese wines, guaranteeing to each of our producers that their wines are included in the best selection, updated in the best quality price relations.
In Asia, Portuguese Topwine’s mission is the prospection and selection of emerging distribution companies, with the dimension and promotional capacity adequate to the Horeca channel creating this way a highly qualified and efficient Asian agents web.

Portuguese Topwine is present in Asia, in permanent support of the distribution, in terms of market studies, logistics and marketing, but also in the production of promotional events.

This way, Portuguese Topwine helps maximize:

  • the hospitality business, improving the offer in quality, price and diversity
  • the production business, by drastically reducing the promotion costs
  • the distribution business, by drastically reducing the prospection costs.

Communication is fundamental, and that is why Portuguese Topwine is permanently in touch with the producers, but also with the distribution, hospitality and final consumer, creating trust bonds that are indispensable to the good functioning of the business.

For these reasons we have offices in Évora and Macao, remaining this way positioned not only in the origin of the product, next to the producers in Portugal, but also next to the final client in Asia: to ease the communication between the parts is Portuguese Topwine’s great mission.

Being so, we can guarantee to the final client the absolute quality, in an anti-speculation logic, in the way to overcome the communication obstacles between the portuguese producers and the most demanding Asian consumer, encouraging the consumption and everybody’s satisfaction.