Seal of Quality

Given its economical potential, Asia is seen today surrounded by tens of thousands of brands of wines coming from all over the world, which makes the choice harder.

All the countries and producing regions have good and bad wines – and Portugal is not an exception: it’s not enough to be Portuguese to be a good and affordable product.

This is why it was necessary to create a way of identifying the Portuguese Topwine’s wines: the seal of quality Portuguese Topwine Selection.

This way, someone who some time ago tried an excellent portuguese wine in Tokyo, can today be in Shanghai or in Hong Kong, not remembering the wine’s brand, but knows that any wine that has the seal Portuguese Topwine Selection is assuredly a perfect choice because, regardless of the range it belongs to, has the guarantee of an incomparable quality price relation.

The same will happen with the sommelier, F&B, restaurant proprietors and importers, while working their businesses.

For all of them, the seal is an extremely useful identifier, an authenticity vehicle recognized by all, from which everybody can take advantages.