塞阿拉 Quinta Seara d’Ordens Colheita

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qsocolheitatintoTouriga Nacional, Touriga Franca 和 Tinta Roriz 是高貴的葡萄品種,融合了與相關的風土和中東地區複雜的農業氣候特點,給予了這款酒獨特的個性。

The nobleness of the  Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz grape varieties, together with the terroir and the agro-climatic complexities of the region has given this wine personality and a unique character. It is a true Douro wine.

葡萄种类:Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz
品酒词:纯色, 整体芳香有些许别致,入口带来成熟丹宁酸味道 ,持续并且长久, 令人回味。

Region: Portugal, Douro.
Grape Varieties: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz
Tasting Notes: Solid colour. Evolving aroma, mature tannins and a persistent, long aftertaste.
Alcohol: 13,5%

The difference of handcrafted wines

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All TopWines have one thing in common: they all come from small productions, ecologically balanced, with the biggest respect to the environment. “Green harvests” are made, cutting out approximately half the production so the quality can be increased. The harvest is made manually, followed by a rigorous cluster to cluster selection. Excluding all the bad grapes, the need to use chemicals to treat them is reduced. The result is a pure, delicious wine :)

我們TOPWINES挑選的葡萄酒是極品中的極品!而且,她們大多有下列的共通特點。 她們來自小型的生產以保持生態平衡,所以不偒害環境; 我們會摘除多餘的綠色葡萄串,使酒產量减少大約一半,以求提高品質; 收穫葡萄的過程由人工進行,這是一個要求以「串」為單位的精選過程; 我們會摘取壞掉了的葡萄,同時也减少依賴農藥種植葡萄。

The first steps

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The first steps of the wine making process are crucial to crafting a great wine.
Our wines are planted in an artisanal way, and their growth is watched closely with the attention and care that a delicate product needs. Watch those first steps in the video below!



Made with Love. xx

什么是精品葡萄酒?What are Boutique wines?

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The word ‘boutique’ has recently been used a little bit everywhere. From boutique hotels to boutique restaurants to boutique shops, the concept highlights places where you can get either a unique experience or high quality, rare and exclusive products.

在葡萄酒业中,成为一个精品葡萄酒制造者意味着制造的葡萄酒是精制而成且只有非常少量,具有情感和关怀的产品 – 注重质量而不是数量。这些葡萄园都是比较细小的,但是园丁们会付出更多的关怀和更小心地照料葡萄园,他们不但会由人手作出收割,还会减少使用化学物品,而且他们会作出绿色收成,而致平衡葡萄的生长和改进出更好质量的葡萄,或进而增加更香浓的葡萄果香。

In the wine world, to be a boutique winemaker means that the very small productions are crafted with passion and care – putting quality over quantity. The vineyards are smaller, and handled in a more careful way. Harvests are made by hand, reducing the use of chemicals. Green harvests are performed, to balance the growth and improve the quality of the grapes or to increase the flavour concentration.




In conclusion, it’s not difficult for an inexperienced person to find out the difference between boutique wines and mass produced wines. You will find a big difference in the taste in boutique wines, which will be more involving, rich, organic, lively. Finally, you’ll feel a huge difference the day after having drank too much.

你知道吗?Did you know?
像手工,独家,少量制作,注重质量或家庭拥有的这些单词都会常常被用作为解释精品葡萄酒。Words like artisanal, exclusive, small production, quality focused or family-owned are also used to describe boutique wines.

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