Boutique Wines

The region where Portugal stands today was known since the times of the Roman Empire as an area with outstanding features for the wine production.

Portugal is a small country with high consuming habits, where the internal demand has satisfied the best producers, especially the small dimension ones, taking away the motivation from exportation. Actually, the best quality wines are never exported consistently.

Not having the need to export the best wines, the Portuguese wines’ image became little consistent, controversial and, above all, unknown worldwide.

Nevertheless, the growing demand for quality wines made us observe in the last years an exponential increase of the vine area, motivated by the exceptional soil and climate conditions.

Actually, the south of Portugal can bring together the mediterranean mild features, with a total of more than 3.000 sun hours, while the remaining Europe hardly reaches 2.000.

Business opportunities made small personal wine cellars arise, some of them with quite reduced productions, but to which the competition has made constantly increment significant quality improvements.

Many of them offer wines with a quality price relation of undeniable interest – especially in the medium and high ranges.

The modern hospitality knows today that the “expensive”, “worldwide” wines are just marketing – the final client is becoming, day by day, more and more connoisseur and attentive, demanding quality, fair price and above all, diversity.

This is what we are bringing. Portuguese Wines: Portuguese excellence wines.