5 Great reasons why you should start drinking a glass of wine every day (if you don’t already)

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2016 is here! And with it, the New Year Resolutions for a better, healthier life. We’ve got good news for you: wine is all part of the process. Here are 5 great reasons why you should start drinking a glass of wine every day (if you don’t already).

  1. It’s great for your heart.6906015-smiling-red-heart-serving-a-glass-of-red-wine
    Drinking a glass of red wine every day day has been known for long to be good to the heart. But recent research has also linked moderate alcohol consumption, including white wine and other beverages, to lower the risk of heart failure and improve blood pressure, due to the flavonoids — the plant-antioxidant compounds that are present in the skins of grapes used to make wine.
  2. It can keep your mind sharp.
    Though it might seem contradicting, regular alcohol drinkers are actually at lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. The flavonoids in wine protect your body’s cells, which supports healthy blood vessels, improving blood flow to the brain and preventing harmful plaque from developing.
  3. Woman-measuring-her-waistIt’ll benefit your waistline.
    Although a glass of wine has about 120 to 150 calories, studies show moderate alcohol drinkers are less likely to be obese or suffer from obesity-related diseases like type II diabetes.
  4. You live a little longer.
    That’s right. Long-term population studies have linked moderate alcohol drinking to longer life! Plus, people who drink in moderation tend to have other healthy behaviours, like diets packed with plant-based foods and low in saturated fats or regular exercise. So pair your glass with a healthy meal — and hit the gym tomorrow.
  5. It makes you happier!Friends-with-wine
    Research has linked moderate alcohol intake to a better mood (see? That was not just hearsay!) A 2014 study showed that people who had a glass of wine in an unpleasant environment experienced the same level of mood improvement as people who abstained in a more pleasant environment.
    So next time you’re feeling down, drink up.

Happy New Year, Wine lovers!





  1. 这有益您的心脏
    人人也知道每天喝一杯葡萄酒酒对心脏是有益处的。但最近的研究也表明,适量的酒精摄取,包括白葡萄酒和其他饮料,能降低患上心脏衰竭的风险,并改善血压。这全赖类黄酮- 植物的抗氧化剂化合物,因为它们存在于造葡萄酒时的葡萄皮里。
  1. 它可以让您的思维保持敏捷。Sharper-Mind-620x330
  1. 这有益你的腰围。
  1. 您将会变得更年寿。bi_2113206b
    长期人口研究发现,适度品酒还能够延长寿命!此外,适度品酒的人往往还有其他良好的健康习惯。例如饮食以素食为主,低饱和脂肪,和经常锻炼身体。所以记着从现在起要有良好均衡的饮食习惯~ 明天就好好去健身房锻炼出强健的体魄吧!
  1. 它使您更快乐!
    研究已经表明适度品酒能使心境变得更好。 2014年的研究表明(看见了没?这不只是传闻!),一个在不愉快环境下品尝佳酿的人,他的心境和一个在愉快舒适环境下却滴酒不沾的人是对等的。所以说,如果下次您情绪低落的时候,别忘了去喝一杯。